Brandon Borrego


Dedication to the art of filmmaking

I have the distinct pleasure of doing what I love for work. However, that comes at a cost. One must be dedicated to the things they love, and no matter what I do, I will uphold the responsibility I have for the art of film.


Everything benefits the mission

When your purpose is truly focused on the mission, there is no room for ego. When I commit to a project, I do everything in relation to what’s important to the mission, regardless of who it benefits or how it feels.


Create an experience worth remembering

Film/video production is one of the few arts left that deals largely with people. We have crews, we have talent and we have clients on set. It’s a beautiful thing to have such an assortment of minds working together on one creative endeavor. I always aim to make our work together a memorable experience.



We create stunning visuals by innovating through technology

I started editing videos when I was thirteen. The only reason I was able to do this was with technology. Throughout the years, I have continued to innovate and find new and amazing technological solutions to bring my clients to the next level.

Feature Films
Commercial Videography
Music Videos