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As companies work to market to the growing millennial cohort, many have embraced a shift in content marketing to video streaming in order to best capture the attention of potential customers. This shift to video content is in line with the data, according to Forbes, 90% of consumers say product videos directly inform purchasing behavior and 95% of consumers retain information about your brand through video. And browsing behavior further supports video content as an effective business tool, with companies utilizing video content seeing a 41% boost in web traffic.

It’s important for corporations to utilize professional videography services and corporate video production services in the creation of corporate video content, as a professional touch can be the difference in users clicking on and sharing your content and scrolling past it. And once you’ve had content created, it’s vital that you have a strategy in place to ensure you are leveraging multiple platforms to create content that funnels viewers back to your online presence and the services you offer.

Leverage Multiple Channels

In order to ensure your corporate videos reach the widest possible audience, it’s important that you leverage each content outlet properly and funnel that traffic back to your online presence where you can create organic conversions and sales. .


The YouTube platform should be your primary content delivery mechanism. Create channel for your organization and warehouse all of your video content on your channel. This allows you to create linkable content that includes an overview of your company and ultimately links back to your corporate website. Full versions of your corporate videos should be posted here.

Email List

Leveraging internal client lists, you can create a personalized dialogue with clients with whom you have an existing relationship, providing them with valuable content catered to their needs. Since they’ve already opted into being contacted by email, you know it’s a medium you’ll be able to reach them on and be able to use video content to gradually enhance the existing business relationship.

Company Blog

Whether your company blog has a high readership or not, the purpose of maintaining an active, well-written search engine optimized corporate blog is to generate search visibility on Google and other search engines. Many of the new search algorithms reward websites where content is consistently updated and easily matched to popular search terms. You can utilize blog posts to link to YouTube content and provide viewers with more information about the video content you’ve produced.


Social Media Multi-Cuts and Cross Publishing

Once your content has been warehoused on YouTube, the ultimate goal of your marketing strategy from here is to create micro content on multiple social media sites that link back to your YouTube channel, where you can then focus your efforts on converting visitors into clients.

Short clips of the original videos can be featured on your company’s Facebook page and on your corporate Instagram and Twitter accounts. This content can then filter back to your YouTube channel. Automating posting of new and existing content across these platforms can create a constant traffic stream and audience engagement.

Vary Your Content

The Austin market is highly competitive, and it’s important for businesses here to use Austin based professional videography services and corporate video production services who understand the local market and can help your organization create different types of content in order to stand out. Depending on the services and products you offer clients, content can range from customer testimonials, product tutorials, and product demonstrations to explainer videos and “Ask Me Anything” videos where your specialists can connect directly with clients about complex topics related to your business.

We’re Ready for Your Closeup, Austin!

No one understands the Austin, TX business landscape quite like LNB Broductions. When it comes to offering Austin businesses professional videography services and corporate video production services, we know how to tell your narrative. Let us help you tell the dynamic and captivating stories your clients need to hear and help you build the infrastructure that will turn the video shares into profit.

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